After learning that my partner and I were heading to Sparta, Wisconsin, a friend of mine suggested we visit the FAST Fiberglass Mold Graveyard just outside of town. It looked like a great place to take photos so I brought the Spotmatic and the Moskva V.

It was very cloudy and a little rainy during our visit, so the resulting images are a little flat. And that’s not helped much by the nature of these molds. They’re mostly kind of a middle gray with rounded features. Next time I’m in Sparta I’d like to visit this place on a sunny day and see how those photos turn out.

A black and white photo of a fiberglass mold of Santa Claus...I think?
1/125, f5.6, 105mm, Ilford HP5
A black and white photo of a Bob's Big Boy fiberglass statue mold. The statue is holding a huge plate with a hamburger. The other arm is cracked and falling off.
1/15, 3.5, 35mm, Ilford FP4
A black and white photo of a mold of a crow's head. The mold is covered with lichen.
1/125, 3.5, 35mm, Ilford FP4
A black and white photo of two fiberglass molds of rubber ducks. One of the ducks seems quite happy, while the other one looks sarcastic and angry.
1/30, 5.6, 35mm, Ilford HP4
A black and white photo of a pile of Santa Claus fiberglass molds. They vary in size from 4 feet to 8 feet tall. Some are covered in lichen.
1/50, f8, using a Moskva V, Ilford HP5

Unless otherwise indicated these were shot using a Pentax Spotmatic ii. Everything was developed in Rodinal, 1+50 for the FP4 and 1+100 for the HP5. Scanned with an Epson 750. Adjusted in Affinity Photo 2.

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