After getting back in to film photography I’ve shot a wide variety of film stocks. I decided to spend some time with just a single stock/developer combo with the goal of learning how it use it well.

Because it’s inexpensive and readily available I picked Ilford HP5 as my stock. And because I like how it works, I picked Rodinal 1+100 as the developer.

With my first roll of HP5 I wanted to take careful exposure notes, detailing what parts of the picture I put in to each zone.

But then I fogged the film with a light leak during development, making the whole thing kind of invalid. Guess I’ll try again with the next roll of HP5.

But a few photos turned out ok.

A black and white photo of a flower. The flower has dark petals and a white ring in the middle.
1/250, f 2.8, 50mm lens

I used the white ring in the middle to set exposure, aiming to have that area up around zone 7. The wide open lens gives a decent background, though those thick flower steps make odd lines. And it seems like the stem supporting the main flower kind of comes from nowhere.

Two small ceramic gnomes, with tall pointy hats, nestle in between two tree roots.
1/125, f4, 50mm

I’ve taken a ton of photos of these little ceramic gnomes. Up until now they have been hanging from branches in a bush. But the bush has been removed, so the gnomes apparently migrated to this nearby tree. Average metering here. Maybe needs a little more exposure, and a step or two closer to the subject.

These were shot using a Pentax Spotmatic ii. I used the 50mm/1.4 Takumar the whole time. Developed in Rodinal 1+100 @ 22C for 12:45. I tried following the agitation method recommended in the Rodinal spec sheet — constant for the first minute, 1 inversion every 30 seconds afterwards. Scanned using my home scanning setup.

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