After watching some Pictoral Planet videos I wanted to try developing film with Rodinal. Ilford HP5 seemed like a great stock to use for this. I shot all of this at box speed of 400.

A black and white photo of an old wooden window frame that has been repurposed as a flower trellis.
f 5.6, 1/250 (??)

Taken in some alley near my house. I don’t recall exactly where. I’m also not sure what that big hair is on the negative. It could just be on the scan.

Exposure here is a bit off. Maybe half a stop too dark? I’d like that white paint on the frame to be brighter. I like the grainyness, but it does border on being too much.

A black and white photo of a waterfall at Gooseberry Falls State Park in Minnesota
f8, 1/500

Given a ton of light the Ilford/Rodinal combo isn’t grainy at all. I think this is f8 at 1/500. I tried to meter to make the water really bright, up around zone 8 or so. And I still managed to get decent detail in the dark rocks and shadowed areas. Thumbs up to this one.

f11, 1/125

Not bad. I think I missed the focus here. My notes say f11 at 1/125, but yet the front of that rock in the foreground is blurry. And I wanted that shadowed area between the root and rock to be darker.

A black and white photo of a granite rock shoreline of Lake Superior. A recent wave has darkened some of the rocks.
f 9.5, 1/250 (??)

Pretty much exactly what I wanted. The sharp line of the edge of the wet areas, the grain of the granite, the glowy highlights along the bright stone.

Though I think a slight crop improves the composition, helping the line of water move more diagonally from top left to bottom right.

A black and white photo of the grey granite rocky shore of Lake Superior. Part of the rocks have recently been hit by a wave and are almost black

These were shot using a Pentax Spotmatic ii using a 50mm/1.4 Takumar lens. Developed in Rodinal 1+100 for 16:00 at 70F. Scanned with an Epson 750. I haven’t yet tried making prints from these negatives yet.

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