FPP Fine Grain 6

My original plan for this film was to use a tripod and maybe a macro lens to get close-up shots of the rocks on the Lake Superior shore near Tofte, MN.

For various reasons that didn’t work and I ended up shooting this ISO 6 film hand-held. Even with that, I like how these turned out.

a black and white photo of lichen growing on a rock
f4, 1/60

This is kind of what I had in mind for the whole roll. Since I’m shooting such low ISO hand held the lens is very open (f4?) and I’m losing depth of field that I wanted.

A black and white photo of a flower, taken from above
f4, 1/60

Depth of field and blur are a bit of a problem here. But I still like this one and the exposure is what I was looking for.

A black and white photo of a tree log laying on the ground.
f 6.7, 1/125

Brighter lighting meant I could shoot this with a tighter lens (f6.7) and faster shutter speed, avoiding the blur that I have in many photos on this roll. I think the exposure here is good, preserving the detail in the shadows.

These were shot using a Pentax Spotmatic ii. Pretty sure I used the 50mm/1.4 Takumar the whole time. My notes say I also used the 50mm Macro for some shots, but that might be a logging error. Not sure. Developed in stock D96 for 6:30 at 72F. Scanned with an Epson 750. I haven’t yet tried making prints from these negatives yet.

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