A few different places sell Kodak’s XX film repackaged for 35mm still cameras, but this roll came from Film Photography Project.

I shot this roll on a trip to the North Shore. Mostly around Cascade River and Tettegouche, I think.

A black and white photo of a large tree leaning out over a river. Thick exposed roots attach the tree to shore.

I like the central tension here. The huge tree kind of leans out over the river, and there are these thick roots holding it back and keeping it attached to shore.

Close up of a weathered and rotten tree stump.

I was entranced by this tree stump at the top of a cliff. No picture I took of it really worked, but I like the idea of what I was going for here. But I think this should be crisper and have a deeper depth-of-field.

These were shot using a Pentax Spotmatic ii. Pretty sure I used the 50mm/1.4 Takumar the whole time. Developed in stock D96 for 7:30. Scanned with an Epson 750. I haven’t yet tried making prints from these negatives yet.

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