While my first experience with P30 did not go great, I viewed that as a problem with the photographer and not the film. I was not deterred from trying Ferrania’s new (or recreation of an old) film stock, P33.

Side note to film companies, is it so hard to put the speed of the film in the name? Looking at you Ilford.

Rated at ISO 160 I shot this at box speed. And following my experience with P30 I tried to shoot subjects that were not in direct sunlight. Much of this roll was shot in and around Austin, Texas during a trip to see the eclipse.

For development I followed Ferrania’s instructions for Rodinal 1:25, cryptic as they are

4 rotations during the first minute, then 4 agitations per minute.

Rotations? How is that different from an agitation? Am I literally just supposed to spin the tank? I could find no more details.

Not included here are some lovely portraits of my kid. Just take my word for it that P33 can take some nice portraits. Overall I really liked this film. I think it’s more forgiving than P30 while still offering great results. I have a second roll of it loaded right now and am excited to see what I end up with.

The first is from a fantastic outdoor cafe in Austin. I like the effect of the light coming through the bottle here, especially around the neck.

A black and white photo of a clear glass wine bottle with small drops of wine in the neck.
1/60, f4.8, Takumar Super Takumar 50/1.4

These two are from Pedernales Falls state park, which is a great spot for hiking and photography. Lots of cool terrain.

A black and white photo of a large, water worn rock full of indentations and channels.
1/30, f11, Takumar 24mm f3.5
A black and white photo of a twisted tree stump and trunk that has fallen in to long grass.
1/60, f4, Takumar 24mm f3.5

Full album

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