Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 is apparently made from stock designed for traffic cameras. According to the description

Due to its sensitivity to red light, JCH StreetPan 400 is the optimum film for dawn, dusk and winter photography… [it] offers excellent penetration through haze, fog and other atmospheric conditions

Unfortunately I read that description towards the end of my time with this roll. Lesson to self, read about the film before using it. Thankfully I was shooting in fall in Minnesota, which is usually low light and kinda misty.

My roll was 120 format, so I loaded it in to the Moskva V. Metered it at 320 because I’ve found that works well for 400 film.

Development could have gone sideways, but thankfully it turned out. I meant to develop using Rodinal 1+50, which is documented on the JCH page. But I accidentally diluted it to 1+100 and started development before I realized my mistake. I extended development from my planned 22:00 to 33:00. That was a guess, since there’s no entry for this combo in the Massive Dev Chart.

This first two were taken in a shady mini-forest near my house. I happened to take a mushroom identification class the day after this and I think the mushroom below is a Deer Mushroom. But I wouldn’t trust me on that. This shot is a little too shadowy.

A black and white photo of a tree stump, mostly in shadow. Growing out of the stump is a white mushroom.
1/100, 5.6, Moskva 5 105mm

But I like the light in this one.

A black and white photo of two tree stumps in a shadowed forest area. A strong beam of light partially illuminates the stumps.
1/100, f5.6, 105mm/3.5

A problem I have with the Moskva is that I don’t have any filters for it and I’m not even sure what size filters I’d need. This shot could have done with a filter to lower the sky highlights and allow me to open up the exposure on the barn a bit. But I still generally like the vibe.

A black and white photo. In the background is a wooden barn. In the foreground are large hollowed out pieces of tree trunk where kids are playing.
Unknown exposure

These were shot using a Moskva V on JCH Street Pan 400 (metered at 320). Developed in Rodinal 1+100 at 20C for 33:00. Constant agitation first 30 seconds and one inversion every 30 seconds after. Scanned on an Epson 750. Adjusted in Affinity Photo.

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