I don’t even know where this roll of film came from. It just appeared in my fridge. A roughly 12-years-expired roll of 120 Ilford Pan F. Initially a 50 ISO film I shot it at 25 ISO due to the age.

Shooting 6×9 negatives I only get 8 shots per roll. So I left the film in the camera for a while, looking for the right shot. I then caused a light leak during development, ruining 4 of the shots anyway.

A black and white photos of some tall flowers with white petals and black centers.
f 5.6, 1/100

Not much to recommend in this one, to be honest. Unclear subject that fades in to the background. A trick (or hassle) with the Moskva V is its minimum focal distance of 1.5 meters (yeah, meters) so it’s hard to get close up and isolate a subject.

A black and white photo of a backyard garden/farm. Hiding behind a plant is a mosly white cat with black spots.
f 5.6, 1/100

This nice cat was very patient and waited me to meter the scene, set the camera and take the shot. I think he was hoping I’d just go away. I wish the back of this image was sharp, but it’s not. Maybe I should have shot at 1/50 and f8.

These were shot using a Moskva V with a fixed 105mm lens. Developed in Rodinal 1+100 for 13:00 at 22C. Scanned using my home scanning setup. Since these 6×9 negatives are too big for my scanner I have to take two scans and stitch them together in Affinity Photo 2.

Full album

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