Washi S

Washi describes the film as:

Film “S” is a film used by motion picture professionals for sound recording, an use which requires very fine grain and ultra high definition. This sharpness is guaranteed by a special anti-halation layer located between the film’s base and the emulsion layer, while its usually in back layer for ordinary films.

A black and white photo of a stack of aluminum canoes.

I shot this roll at a resort on the BWCA, just outside of Ely, MN. The place we stayed at outfits canoe trips, hence the pile of canoes.

I really like this photo, though I wish I had framed it slightly better. A step or two to the left and a slight crouch would have made a huge improvement, I think. Instead there’s this huge black nothingness in the top right corner.

But I love the texture and tone of the canoes.

Sadly, I broke my light meter (aka my phone) not long after this shot. For the rest of the roll I based exposure off of Sunny 16. A lot of it did not turn out well.

A black and white photo of an old American car parked in front of some tall trees.

I think the bumper on the left of the car is getting too much sun glare, but otherwise I like this one. I’ve tried adjusting to get the car level, but it feels wrong. I like that there’s a lean in the car.

There probably is too much headroom on that photo, but with the car bumper running nearly edge-to-edge it’s tough to crop.

These were shot using a Pentax Spotmatic ii. Pretty sure I used the 50mm/1.4 Takumar the whole time. Developed using Rodinal 1+25 for 11 minutes, as recommended by Film Washi. Scanned with an Epson 750. I haven’t yet tried making prints from these negatives yet.

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